I set up my official Skype account.  While Skype has been an invaluable tool for Red and me for the last couple years for free calling, I have just started investigating what Skype has to offer for paying customers.  And it has to offer a great service, really.

For $2.95 per month, I get unlimited calling to the United States and Canada (from anywhere in the world where I can get an internet connection, virtually).  For $25 per year, I get a local US telephone number that my friends and family can use to call me.  I guess I can use it for all my Shoppers’ Critique work stuffs too, which makes Skype a little less cool, but I suppose that’s not really Skype’s fault so I shouldn’t slate it. 

Voicemail is included for free, so when I’m not signed into Skype, people can leave me messages to let me know they called.  The default voicemail message has some English woman’s voice on it, which I find rather appropriate, and since I hate personalized voicemail messages in which people ramble on for 30 seconds with instructions on how to leave a voicemail message (I know how to leave a voicemail message, jerkhole), you will reach a default voicemail message when you call me and I don’t answer.  Once someone (who will remained unnamed) called my cell phone twice because (s)he reached my default voicemail message and got confused and hung up, just to call back and reach the same message.  Don’t be that guy.  Just trust you dialed the right number and leave a message, especially since, you know, you speed-dialed the number from your phone’s address book in the first place.

I also get a Skype-to-Go account for free that works like a calling card.  That is, if a calling card didn’t cost me any money.  I can make calls to six preprogrammed people in the US from a UK landline or cell phone by calling a UK phone number that will then redirect me to my six favorite US numbers.

I’m currently taking applications for Larissa’s Six Favorite People in America.

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