Dad took me to the airport in the pouring rain and bought me a wheely cart for the massive amount of carryon items I had, which I muched appreciated once I started trotting around Gatwick.

I have arrived safe and well in England.  The Virgin flight arrived ontime at 8:30am this morning, and I got a reasonable amount of rest during the flight since the plane was nearly empty.  Red picked me up like everyone said they thought he would, although he did not surprise me like everyone said they thought he would.  He told me on Tuesday that he had got the day off work, so it was a good start to my life in England.

Red surprised me with the condition of our temporary room.  I am excited to go to sleep on the bed tonight. In fact, I feel my eyes getting heavy just thinking about the foam mattressey goodness.

I have one-fourth unpacked my massive four pieces of luggage.  We need hangers.

I don’t feel particularly eloquent tonight, having only got about 2 hours worth of sleep over the last, oh 30 hours (?). I can’t even be bothered to figure it out.

I know I said I would call everyone when I got in, but, alas, the day has been spent and I’m tired and want to rest.  I will speak to everyone perhaps tomorrow when I’m working for the Shopper being a bajillionaire.

Oh, yes, we sorted out the Blackberry situation, and one should arrive shortly and I will then be in much more frequent contact with everyone again.  And I’ll have a camera and will send lots of pictures of my glamorous life in England to make everyone jealous.

Edit: and it’s Red’s birthday.  I am a bad fiancee and didn’t even mention it.  Yeah.

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