Red and I went into London yesterday.  We had quite a long walk, over 10 miles altogether.  We started off by visiting Bloomsbury to see International Hall.  The size is what we both expected (very small but adequate), and we walked around the surrounding area, which more than makes up for the deficiencies in size offered by the double studio.  On a beautiful sunny afternoon, the shopping area was not overcrowded, and we will have a full-sized Waitrose (fancy supermarket) at our disposal just around the corner.  We grabbed some lunch in Bloomsbury and headed over to Oxford Street, Soho, Covent Garden, Chinatown, back to Soho, and then home.  


I bought a skateboard.  Well, technically Red bought it, but I’m paying him back.  I’m going to learn how to skateboard and commute around London.  I’m excited for my skateboard.  It has big wheels, and it’s a smooth ride.  




We’re heading off to a print and copy shop to print our accommodation acceptance and fax it over to the accommodation office.  We also have plans to go to Ikea.


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  1. Heather · August 10, 2008


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