Okay, so I’ve neglected my blog so much that I didn’t realize I had two comments from friends on old posts from, um, last year.  


I’m awesome like that.


But look at me here.  Blogging!  I suppose I find that I don’t have the time or energy to be funny.  But then I realize that I’ve been completely enveloped in the world of Yelp for the last week or so that I spend an unnecessary amount of time reviewing restaurants, stores, and other things of this ilk for what I tell myself is the benefit of the London community.  It just occurred to me that this might be related to a sense of withdrawal from Shoppers’ Critique.  




Since I don’t spend every working hour of every working day thinking about market research and mystery shopping, I needed another outlet for voicing similar opinions . . . mystery shopping still rules my life.


This got me thinking, perhaps I should make more of an effort to blog.  You know, since I’ve got at least three bewildered emails from my grandfather over the course of several months asking how he can see my new posts and delete the old ones.  You know, like an email inbox.  Bless him.  (Bobba – you can’t do that on a blog, and I will try my best to update more.)


I’ve decided that in order to keep up on my end of the bargain I will not feel obligated to be any of the following things: witty, long-winded, relevant, or compelled by a misguided sense of inflated self-worth (you know, since very few people read this in the first place).


So yeah.  I’m starting fresh.  If you comment, you might just stroke my ego and thus inflate my self-worth which I’ve promised not to take into account for the frequency of my updates, but I’m sure that it will encourage me to write more, knowing that people are reading.  Oh well.  Such is the nature of the beast.


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