If the feeds on my Google Reader are any indicator, I’ve become obsessed with vegan cooking and baking.


Also, I’ve begun to notice that I’m a pretty damn good cook.  At least, my cooking intuition is definitely much better than it once was.  Yesterday I peered into our mini fridge and thought, ‘What on earth am I going to cook?’  Not much was there.  I didn’t feel I could be bothered to go downstairs to the Waitrose or Tesco Express down the street.  I looked again.  Contemplated.  


I had some kimchi sitting at the back that I had bought fresh a couple weeks ago.  Certainly it should be nice and fermented by this point.  I had some Quorn ‘chicken’ pieces.  I had some spring onions.  I had half an onion wrapped in cling film.  I had four new potatoes starting to grow roots in the pantry.  Kimchi Stew, it was.  I threw some garlic, ginger and half the onion in a pot along with some sesame oil.  Then I threw in the kimchi, Quorn and potatoes and covered with water.  I walked away but then thought I’d chuck some chilies in for good measure.  


I sent Red a text message that warned him dinner for the evening could either be fabulous or rancid, an email, upon reflection, I tend to send him a lot of the time.


Needless to say, it was of the former variety.  So much so that after I went out last night I came home to eat some of the leftovers.  


I find myself in the same predicament now.  I got home from doing productive stuff (i.e., school stuff) earlier but didn’t stop off at the grocery store on my way home, because I was feeling uninspired.  I have no more produce of which to speak in the pantry.  Not even a lone New Potato.  I must go to the store.  


I think I might start photo documenting some of my culinary endeavours here.  I mean, to return to the original thought of this post, I find myself voyeuristically reading with relish vegetarian cooking blogs out on the interwebs.  I might as well pepper my own blog with the same sort of shit I love reading on other people’s blogs.  It would probably also get me even more excited about cooking.  As if I needed a reason.


I’m just so goddamned domestic.


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