Internet Procrastination

So I’m sitting in bed with plastic wrap over my head.  

I decided to henna my hair this morning, and the process takes a minimum of four hours.  When I started the process at 10:30am, I thought it was a brilliant idea.  It was gray, raining and dismal outside, you see.  Now at 11:16am, the clouds have begun to part.  I can see a blue sky.  I think the sun might be coming out.  Three more hours to go.

Actually, I probably should use this time of house-confinement to read through Anne Klink’s article ‘Female Characterisation in Old English Poetry’ as the last bit of reading that is absolutely necessary for a well-rounded critical evaluation on my dissertation topic.  I should also start proofreading and revising my critical evaluation that is due to be handed in on Monday.

But what am I doing?  Watching To Buy or Not to Buy on television and blogging.  

Me = winner at life.

I think it’s just that this flat is often a black hole of productivity for me.  At least when the bed is down.  ‘Then put up the bed,’ you say.  That would just be too logical.


No, seriously, I’ll do that right after this blog post, I swear.


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