Holiday Reading

I was all prepared for my holiday.  I’d gone to the Relief for Romania charity shop and found a used copy of Wicked )(which I’ve always wanted to read) and a general comedy fiction paperback.  I’d eyed Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight at HMV one day when it was selling for six quid, but I resisted, safe from potential regression into my repressed 14-year-old-girl psyche.

But Red came home with a copy of Twilight.  Apparently a woman he works with gave it to him to lend to me because he told her I wanted to read it.


(I’m already reading it.)



  1. Dani · May 12, 2009

    Stay away from Twilight! I too gave in to the pop culture phenomenon…quickly regretted it. Oh well :\

  2. risschris · May 27, 2009

    Dammit. I read the entire series on holiday and the first two days back in the UK. I, too, have fallen victim to Twilight.

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