Am I a dirty hippie?

My BirksDespite what the above picture may suggest, I have to say no. 

I have bought my third pair of Birkenstocks.  I took a walk today during lunch time and ended up at the Seven Dials.  And, of course, I ended up in the Birkenstock store.  I fucking love the Birkenstock store.  Fo reals.

I had always wanted a pair of Birkenstocks when I lived in America, but, as any American who’s ever been interested in the shoes virtually eponymous with the ’90s hippie has found, the purchase of a pair of Birkenstocks in America will ensure the wearer won’t have the means to buy food for a month.  So, well, I never purchased a pair.

But Birkenstocks in the UK can be super inexpensive!  I purchased each pair I own for £29.95 in the sale section at the Birkenstock store in Covent Garden. £29.95!!

And I live in the centre of London.  And when you live in the centre of London, you walk a lot.  And when you walk a lot, you don’t want to be traipsing around in bunion-inducing cheap heels from New Look.  Especially when those ‘cheap’ heels cost you £29.99.  I’ve seen women walking around in the blizzard conditions last winter in stilettos when grown men in their trainers were slipping on the ice (by the way, watching people fall on icy pavements in front of you is hilarious).  Stilettos!! For those of you who judge my Birkenstocks, have a good time with your bunged-up knees and foot corns when you’re 35.  Ew.  Also, I’m always tripping over the uneven London pavements (like everyone else and their mother), yet I’ve never stubbed my toes in my Birks.

And now, the shoe porn.

Primeval Birk

My first pair of Birks.  Possibly purchased in a size too big, but I love them nonetheless.

Sexy Birk

Flesh-baring Birk.  You hussy.

Newest Birk

Newest, mary-jane-like Birk.  Makes me feel like running in an Austrian field and singing songs.



  1. Molls · June 12, 2009

    You are NOT a dirty hippie! If I didn’t have massive feet, I’d be rocking the ‘stocks too.

    And YES with the tripping on the pavements. So uneven — there is no room for grace!

  2. Larissa · June 12, 2009

    No way are your feet too big for Birks! In America, I wore an 8.5-9, which is on the large side on the American-woman-foot-measurement scale.

    Birks = best thing ever.

  3. institutrice · July 24, 2009

    I wear a size 11 and I can wear Birks! I wear a 41, though I probably should’ve got my clogs in a 42. I got my first pair of Birks in college and wore them to the ground. I wish I had known you could replace the soles and footbeds, etc., because they don’t make the Ibiza anymore! I actually threw them away. 😉 I rediscovered them a few years ago. They really help with the bone spur on one of my heels.

    30 pounds is how many dollars? I get my Birks on QVC where they are way cheap. Birkentstock has teamed up with QVC to sell exclusive designs: patent (shiny) straps, white soles, patterned fabric footbeds, more colors – styles not available at the store, or even on! I have three pairs of Catalina (one really wide strap),two pairs of the three strap, and one grey felt clog with blue flower designs. I get compliments on all of them because they are not “typical” Birks, and then I tell everyone about QVC! Oh, and? They’re way cheaper!! Maybe they do international shipping – check it out at

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