Picture Stories

So, I went to go look for a USB cable so I could transfer some pictures old and new from my Blackberry onto my desktop so I could blog about them. But when your husband works with computers, sometimes hilarity ensues from simple tasks like this.

This isn't right...

Wait a minute.  Something’s not right about this…

Ah ha!


Ah ha.  Who knew that the USB cable I know and love comes in adorable-but-useless mini size?  Not me.

Anyway, I found the right cable among the bazillion cables we have laying around here and transferred the pictures. 

I was mostly doing this because, on my way home from picking up my two term papers and my dissertation critical evaluation (distinction, merit, distinction), I noticed how very civilised Bloomsbury is and took a picture of it as proof:

Pretty Scaffolding

 Hey, Billy. This scaffolding is an eyesore.  We can’t have that… I know! Let’s add some flower planting baskets.  Transformationz!!1!


And while I was transferring photos, I noticed some I took back in America. 


Americans love Twilight.  And by Twilight, I mean Edward Cullen.  And by Edward Cullen, I mean Robert Pattinson.  Look!  There are three separate biographies on Robert Pattinson! 

Huge pancakes

And pancakes in America are GIGANTIC.

More huge pancakes

Absolutely huge.


Look!  They’re bigger than my face!  I managed to eat one of them.


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