For the voyeurs

Okay, so Linzi made a throw-away comment last night about how she kind of wanted to come over to my flat because of how small I make it sound; she wanted to see it for herself.  If any of you are wondering why you’ve never been invited over to my flat despite the fact that I live in the smack dead-centre of London, this is why: there is no room for you here.  I once had someone come over and one of us had to sit on the floor because there’s no space for another chair.  It’s that bad.

Le foyer:

front door


So I’m holding the front door open.  And I’m standing outside.

Just as you walk in the door, you see the toilet and shower room. 


You take a step to move out of the ‘hallway’, and the room spaciously opens…

side room

That cabinet you see there contains our bed, which is folded down every night.  How do you manage to do that with a table in the way, you ask?  You first must fold down the table and move the chairs, of course.


Here is another picture of the back of the flat to give you a panorama effect.  You know, since there’s so much to see.

Then you have the desk/breakfast table/entertainment centre/bookshelves… (I’m standing in the far corner of the room, to the side of the bed enclosure just to fit this all into the picture.) 


Don’t ask why, with such limited space,  we have two massive monitors on our desk.  Just don’t. (and for the record, the two generally organized bookshelves in the middle are mine.)

I know what you’re thinking now.  But where is your kitchen?


Tada! Right next to where the bed would be when folded down.  I’m expecting mad respect from you all now in regard to my culinary prowess.



  1. LinziMG · June 19, 2009

    You must really not want visitors if you are making up these elaborate photos of a such a tiny flat… Is it photoshopped, a trick of light? No seriously, I bow down to your superior culinary skills! This place is like our first flat together, where if you opened the fridge door, it hit the couch

  2. Chris R · June 19, 2009

    Mad respect indeed. It does kind of eliminate the possibility of accumulating too much stuff. Simple is sometimes better!

  3. Larissa · June 19, 2009

    Did you SEE my desk area?

  4. Michaelia · June 19, 2009

    work that kitchen, girl! work it, work it, own it! we just moved flat and i can’t believe how much shit we have gathered, in like 7 months.

    and i’m guessing the fan is for the hot, hot heat? lol it is a very aerodynamic fan! you guys are moving in august, right?

  5. Larissa · June 19, 2009

    Yes, if not sooner. I feel we’re busting at the seams here, as we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff despite having such a small space.

    The fan is for the heat, yes, but the oscillating function just crapped out, so I have to take it back to Argos tomorrow. Curses!

    What made you move house at the awkward lease duration of seven months?

  6. Michaelia · June 20, 2009

    well we were living in chicago when we found the flat online, and it was a kinda last minute “holy hell we need a place” kind of thing, so we took it. the rent is almost extortionate, its getting pretty small for all our shit, and we just wanted somewhere else.

    luckily for us there’s a 6 month get-out clause (which funnily enough is the same in our new place? maybe it’s pretty common?), and then it goes month to month. we had to give a 2 month notice, so that’s the only reason it’s 7 months instead of 6. and now our place is much roomier! (even if the kitchen and bathroom are pretty outdated lol oh well, you can’t win them all!)

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