Sort-of Obligatory Post

I haven’t been posting for the past couple of days because I haven’t been up to any cooking magic (just your basic pastas and stir fries here), and I’ve been all-consumed with flat hunting.  Or maybe it’s just that I haven’t been feeling very internetty in the evenings, preferring to just switch off and watch a couple episodes of Battlestar Gallactica.

In any event, here I am updating.  I went to Wandsworth today to look at a flat.  I wasn’t planning on doing flat viewings today when I started off the day, but an agent got back to me about one of the eleventy billion flats I inquired about online, and it fit the bill on paper: it was in a highspeed cable broadband area and it had a bathtub.  I looked at the pictures, and they sure were promising.  I looked at the Google street view, and the area didn’t creep me out.  It was right off a trendy street in Wandsworth and around the corner from the train station.  I was off.  And after viewing the flat, I am in love.  It’s available 2 August, which is a bit earlier than we wanted to move, but hopefully we can get out of the last month here without actually having to pay their penalty (one month’s rent).  Because that would suck.  Anyway, Red and I are going back for a second viewing (so he can see it) tomorrow night.  The estate agent made it seem like a matter of urgency, which gets me all worried.  I don’t want some other person to snag my flat out from under my nose. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.  It was a spacious one-bedroom flat with original wood flooring in an old residential block in the heart of Wandsworth (the good part) with lots of storage space and a thoroughly modern kitchen.

And now for something completely unrelated. 

You think it’s just another day in the grocery store.  And then…

ostrich egg



  1. molly · June 25, 2009

    I love your criteria for the perfect flat: broadband and bathtub. Awesome!

    I really hope this flat works out for you and Red. And I also really hope you bought that £17 ostrich egg.

  2. Larissa · June 25, 2009

    You’ve got to have the two Bs.

    I bet you can tell which one of the Bs was mine.

    Also, I did not buy the ostrich egg. I SAW THAT EPISODE OF TOP CHEF!

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