New Flat!

IMG00329I went to Wandsworth this morning to put down the deposit on the new flat. And if our background checks go on without a hitch, it’s ours and we move in on August 1st!  Obviously, all the adorable features like the clothes horse filled with multiple undergarments don’t come standard with the flat.  Actually, the only things that stay are the beige couch and the bed.  Now the hunt for furniture begins.





And some pictures I took myself, which aren’t very good.  Actually, when I look at the pictures, I’m struck by what an injustice they do to this flat.  It’s really quite spacious, unlike what the pictures would lead you to believe.


This is the built-in wardrobe with full-length mirror.  I love a full-length mirror.  Haven’t had one for eleven months.IMG00319





Another mirror! In the bathroom this time.  Look at that sexy bathtub.IMG00327

The bathroom is the biggest bathroom I’ve actually seen in my viewings. 


Look how cute the front door is!


Keep that riff raff out.



  1. Molly · June 27, 2009

    Looks great Larissa! Can’t wait to see it in person. And that first photo makes it look massive. Woo, upgrade!

  2. Larissa · June 27, 2009

    Ha, it’s probably because the mirror at the end of the hallway in the bedroom makes the hallway look twice the size.

    It’s bigger than what we’ve got now, that’s for sure.

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