God, it’s hot

Yeah, I know I’m from Florida and I should be able to handle 90 degrees. 

But what I always took for granted was a blessed little thing called air conditioning.

I’m sure if I didn’t live in the flat situated on the brink of the Hellmouth it might not be so bad.  I might be able to open a couple windows, retreat from the blazing sun coming through the area immediately in front of the windows and catch a cross breeze.  But I do not.  I live in a little flat that has one window that’s technically not supposed to be opened (but we make a jail break every night by completely unscrewing the lock and taking it off the window) and no where to retreat to when the sun is blazing.  This means, basically, that I have to keep the blinds closed all. day.  Because keeping them open would just multiply the greenhouse effect in here by five trillion.

And yesterday, just when I thought I might vomit from heat exhaustion, I went to leave the flat. And I pulled the handle on the door.  And the handle came out in my hand.  Blind panic ran through me as I crumpled to the floor in utter disbelief.  How was I to get out?  There is only one door, and they sure as hell took my fire escape ladder when they locked up the window in the first place (not to mention the fact that they never brought me a fire blanket even when the engineer paid me a visit and said, ‘I’m here to check your fire blanket’, and I said, ‘What fire blanet?’ and he said ‘It’s inside by your kitchen. Everyone has a fire blanket’, and I said, ‘Um, I’m pretty sure I don’t have a fire blanet’, and he said, ‘Sure you do, everyone does. Just let me come inside and see it’, and I said, ‘Okay…’ and he said, ‘Huh, you don’t have a fire blanket’, and I said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t think so’, and he said, ‘I’ll get them to get you a fire blanket right away’.  That was about two months ago.  Still no fire blanket.)

I tweeted about my imprisonment (because I had my Blackberry in my bag and didn’t know what else to do).

Waves of heat nausea were coming on strong and fast.

I needed to get out.

I clawed my way out by prying the door open from the crack underneath.

We still have no door handle, because it’s just too hot and humid in here to close the window and lock it back up to put in a maintenance request.

I am so glad we are moving.


All this is to say that I’m on a cooking hiatus. It’s TOO DAMN HOT to be cooking in here.


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