The Great Closet Cleanout

So I’m going through my closet weeding out things that I never wear to put in the ‘freecycle’ pile down in our building’s atrium when I realise that all my stuff is quite nice and in quite good condition but for whatever reason or another I just never wear the things.  And then I realise I know a few women in the London area who might like these things.  So I am posting pictures of the things I know for sure that I’m going to part with, whether to you lot or to the freecycle pile, and I hope that one or two of you sees something you like and would like to snag up some free goods.  Everyone loves a good hand-me-down.

PS, sorry for not rotating some of the images before uploading them.  My bad.  I’ve decided, though, that I’m too lazy to go back and reupload them all.  Just turn your head to the side to view.

BCBGirls 3

BCBGirls heels

BCBGirls heels2

Our first specimen is a pair of BCBGirls silver stilletto peeptoe heels.  They are in a US size 8.5/UK size 6.  They are hella comfortable, it’s just that I’ve recently admitted to myself that stillettos look quite ridiculous on the end of my man-calves, which is why I never wear them.  Looking at them in my closet just reminds me of my man-calves and makes me feel bad about myself.

Brown boots

Next up we have some brown kitten-heel boots.  UK size 6 from New Look.  There’s nothing wrong with them, I just had an obsession with getting a pair of brown boots last autumn and then when I finally bought them, I decided I didn’t much care for brown boots anymore.

Boc clogs

Boc Clog2

Next up: Leather Boc Clogs in a US 8.5/UK 6.  You know that German shoe company Börn?  Well, I think this is the same company.  Basically, they’re some seriously good quality clogs with some seriously cushiony insoles.  It’s like you’re walking on pillows.  Why don’t I wear them?  I don’t know. I’m crazy.  But the last two years has taught me that I just don’t wear them. End of story.

Gap dress

Now to consider: A-line Gap dress in white with little black pinstripes.  US size 4/UK size 8.  It’s hella cute. It has a lined skirt.  It has a bibbed front.  Why don’t I wear it?  I look shockingly bad in white.  Also, the arm holes are a little too small for comfort for my bingo wings.  There, I said it.

American Apparel skirt

Black cotton jersey American Apparel A-line skirt in a medium.  I just don’t wear it.  Don’t know why.

Jean dress

A-line jean dress.  Shockingly restrictive top with a weirdly large bottom.  I have no tits whatsoever, and I can’t get the top button buttoned.  I’d say it’s a UK 6/8 for this reason.  I got it on ebay and guess that it’s from the early ’90s.  They cut some weird clothes in the early ’90s.

Summer dress

Summer dress from New Look.  UK size 10.  It’s really pretty.  I really like it.  But my massively broad shoulders just make me look like a linebacker when I put this on.  Maybe if I had some bigger breasts it would make up for it, but I don’t.  [cries]

Michael Kors shirt

Stretchy Michael Kors T-shirt.  Size XS.  Just don’t wear it.  I think it’s because it makes me supremely aware of my upper arms, with all its stretchy clinginess.  Still a good shirt, though. I just don’t care enough to tone up my arms to wear it.

Sweet 'n' Low jeans

Sweet 'n' Low2

Lucky Brand Sweet ‘n’ Low Jeans in a US size 2/26.  I’ve sort of promised these to Sarah, but she seems to think that they won’t fit her.  I’ve told her that they’re actually a quite relaxed fit and therefore fit more like a US size 4, but in the event that they don’t fit her, they’re up for grabs.  My legs are too short for them.  And I’ve sworn off wearing high heels.


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