Ikea: My Nemesis

We still don’t have any bedside tables.  We moved in on August 1st.  It’s September 24th.

After three emotionally fraught trips to Ikea at the beginning of August, I swore I would never return to that god-forsaken place again.  I tried buying crappy bedside tables from Argos (epic fail), anything to keep myself from having to return to Ikea.

But here we are, nearly two months after moving in, still without any bedside tables.

It is time.

Now that I really have nothing of any consequence filling my days, there is no reason for me not to make another trip to Ikea.  I shall go.  I shall buy cheap bedside tables.  I shall also buy cheap couch cushions.  The rats have been very bad and prone to chewing on the preexisting couch cushions.  I have devised a plan that involves taking the cushions off of the couch (storing them under the bed or something) and lining the couch back with cheap disposable cushions (after first draping the couch in a large throw/cover).  Given the fact that the couch was terribly uncomfortable to start with, the removal of the unnecessarily large and imposing back cushions and their replacement with smaller, more-welcoming and less-likely-to-be-chewed cushions is just a good idea anyway.

Yes.  Time to get. shit. done.

Ikea.  Alright let’s do this.  Leerooooooy Jeeeenkinnnnns!!!



  1. molly · September 24, 2009

    hey pretty blog makeover!! good luck at ikea. try not to kill any screaming children.

  2. Larissa · September 24, 2009

    Bah, I was messing around with it. But I don’t like any of the other themes so far. I wish I could make my own.

  3. michaelia · September 24, 2009


    “Goddamnit Leeroy.”
    “It’s not my fault!”

  4. Larissa · September 24, 2009

    At least I have chicken.

    It was actually you, Michaelia, that finally brought me to that youtube video after all these years. Red asked if I understood your allusion, and I said no, and he told me to google Leeroy Jenkins.

    The rest is history.

  5. michaelia · September 24, 2009

    lol I do what I can. It seems I am a go-to girl for ridiculous internet memes, and also 90s throwbacks!

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