I didn’t leave the flat today until 5pm.  The only reason I left the flat was to go to the supermarket to buy a swede.  I have plans to make swede and potato mash for dinner tonight.  That was the highlight of my day: thinking about what I was going to cook for dinner, being unable to think of anything but swedes since dinner last night, and changing out of my pyjamas only when I realised I had to actually go outside in order to obtain a swede.

Having returned from the supermarket, project buy-a-swede successfully accomplished, I have played with the rats for a whole 30 seconds until they buggered off on their own, hiding behind the couch to spite me, and now I am debating whether or not to get back into my pyjamas.

My life is amazing.



  1. Heather · October 5, 2009

    You need to include a vegetable translator for all your American readers. I do love me some swedes, though.

    Since unemployment has bored you, feel free to do an annotated bibliography for me, because I will be putting it off for the next two weeks until it is due.

  2. Larissa · October 5, 2009

    I’m pretty much the queen of annotated bibs.

    What class is it for?

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