I got a cheque in the mail from mom today along with a Christmas/anniversary card.  It was written out to ‘Larissa Deere’.

I can’t cash it, because that’s not my legal name. (Not to mention the fact that it’s an American cheque, and I live in the UK.)

I thought maybe I could cash it if I brought it to the bank along with my marriage certificate.

But I can’t find that.

I’m awesome at being married.



  1. MattJ · December 19, 2009

    Marriage certificate should do the trick. However, the cheque will have to be sent off for collection which will take at least a week (maybe longer if the bank is a little town/city/provincial one).

  2. Big · January 17, 2010

    Too bad you don’t still have a U.S. bank account, she could have just deposited the cash $$$

    • Larissa · January 28, 2010

      Hi Big.

      I still do have a US bank account. But I don’t like using it over here because so much money is lost in exchange.

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