The Annals of Predictive Text

Yesterday, I had a bit of a hard time with my HTC Hero’s predictive text. You see, I taught it a disconcertingly high number of words that are not words in addition to somehow inadvertently getting it to memorise the most useless words as the ones I, apparently, most commonly use.

This all came to light in a particularly confusing text message exchange between Red and me.
Red still didn’t understand what I was trying to get across to him until I came home later last night and explained it. Perhaps you’ll understand what I was trying to say.

But I doubt it.

Me: Give me your bank details.
Him: Um…
Me: So I can transfer monies.

[delay in receiving message back]

Him: *********** **-**-**
Me: Fine. I WON’T GIVE YOU MY MONEY! (I’ll transfer it tonight.)
[sent at the exact same time]

Me: interesting. Recession* cross paths. For the massages.
Me: Texts. Nor recession. Silky Hero.
Me: grahhhhhhhh! Silly not silky.
Me: Not not nor. Ignore me.

Him: are you a virus that has taken over my wife’s phone and convinced me to send you my bank details?
Him: Are you an African prince?


You see I was going to transfer money into Red’s bank account so that he could pay for a block of massages from our massage therapist, because weeks ago I said I was going to pay for both of us to get our dodgy shoulders straightened out, knowing that he wouldn’t be keen on paying the money to do it himself and would probably just live with the pain. So a simple exchange that was supposed to be about transferring money for the purpose of paying for massage therapy turned into something much more confusing, albeit quite comedic. It took everything within me not to burst out laughing in my very quiet office whilst I read over the text message exchange once it was all over.

And then I reset my phone’s dictionary.

*my phone changed ‘text’ into ‘recession’ for some reason, completely unknown to me.


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