An unfortunate event, involving a pigeon

A pigeon pooped on my head today while I sat with Suzanne eating lunch. It didn’t really faze me.

Whereas yesterday as I stood on the train platform in the morning waiting for the next train (for 9 minutes) some other people came milling up behind me just as the train approached, pushed me out of the way when the doors opened and wedged themselves on the train in the extremely limited space whilst leaving me on the train platform to await the next train that would arrive in 7 minutes’ time, I called them all fucking assholes and cunts as the doors closed while shaking my fist.

The pigeon? I just looked up at him as he waggled his tail feathers off the top of the building above me in satisfaction and wiped off my hair with a napkin.



  1. RAUL · June 11, 2010


    • Betsy · June 12, 2010


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