I was mooching about some shops in Islington this afternoon with Linzi (Joy, to be exact), and Jordan Knight’s Give it to You started playing through the store’s background speakers.  My brain thought, “Hey, 1999 called. It wants its NKOTB-for-adults song back”.  But then I started dancing to it and thought, “Hey, no, wait, I loved this jam when I was 15”.

Obviously, Linzi had never heard the song before, as Europeans weren’t as obsessed with New Kids on the Block as Americans were, much less with the crash-and-burn, comeback solo career of one of its ageing frontmen (which makes its airtime in a high-street shop in London all the more remarkable).

Nevertheless, the song tapped into my American collective consciousness, and I’ve been humming the tune in my head since about 3 o’clock this afternoon.

But then I started singing the lyrics too.

“You say it’s been too long (that’s right)
since you had some
you say I turn you on
like fire that’s buring inside
you think I’m the one
you see in your dreams
I know what you mean
yeah (you know what I’m saying)
its creepin around in my head
me holding you down in my bed
you don’t have to say a word
I’m convinced you want this”


It’s creeping around in my head that you’re a creepy rapist.



  1. molly · October 10, 2010

    LOL LOL i had no idea jordan knight was such a creeper

    • Jessica · October 10, 2010

      Heck yes, we loved that song, and I knew it was about doin’ it, but I never knew it was like THAT!

    • brandon · October 12, 2010

      aw man, and jordan was my favorite, too. wait, what?

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