The end of days (at LexisNexis)

So I went for a job at a bank back when I was under the impression that my contract at LexisNexis was going to expire. You know, covering all bases and all that. And then I was given a full-time gig with Halsbury’s Statutes and I accepted it, not having heard anything back from the bank. Then, lo and behold, nearly three months later I got the job.

And if you know anything about banks, you know that they, er, made me an offer I simply could not refuse. Not only that but the job is much more what I had envisioned myself doing here in London (nothing against legal publishing, of course). Officially I’m the sub-editor for the bank website. Neat.

Anyway, that’s not strictly what I was here to blog about.

After announcing my upcoming departure, I had to finish the final Service Issue of the year whose production I was asked to manage, and then I figured I would be on Street Easy, right?



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