Sunday Retail Therapy

I went into Central London to buy some stuff.

First up was Stanfords, the travel bookstore in Covent Garden, to get some mini travel guides for the cities I’m visiting during my upcoming cruise of the Mediterranean. And I saw this:

Naturally, I found this to be a most useful tool and decided I must own it to carry around in my bag. You never know when you’ll need a spoon-fork-knife, after all. Now I’ll always be prepared. For eating.

My days of surreptitiously pinching and hoarding Pret utensils are over!

Then I went to Orbital Comics and saw this on a display. It’s a graphic novel written by a local comic artist out of Oxford. The artwork is beautiful and, based on the blurb at the back, the storyline will appeal to me greatly. And since it was one of only 300 copies printed, it also appealed to my penchant for snobbery. A winner all around. (I actually didn’t know about the 300-copies thing until I got home and Googled the artist, as you do. I’m not that much of a twat. I swear.)

After another disappointing meal at Mexico City street food establishment Lupita (yes, I went once before and it was disappointing then too), I came home and took some pictures before I lost all the light in the sky.

This is the best one:

I took this one too. It’s not bad.



  1. Linzi · May 8, 2011

    Aw Mr Red gets a brief appearance.

    • Larissa · May 8, 2011

      Only a sliver.

  2. Robin · May 9, 2011

    I too have a sprok. They are good for comedy value but not very practical as cutlery.

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