I’ve found that people get really uncomfortable when I use the word ‘brewskies’ in reference to beers or drinks in general. Because of this, I use ‘brewskies’  whenever the opportunity presents itself. It would seem I really enjoy making people feel awkward.

But recently I’ve discovered the linguistic discomfort doesn’t end at ‘brewskies’, oh no. In fact, appending -ski to just about any word in the English language causes people to recoil in vague disgust.

This has opened an entirely new window of discomfort-causing opportunity.

[08:58]<larissa> should i give them a date?
[08:58]<larissa> to turn the review around by?
[08:58]<larissa> they love giving me dates
[08:58]<robin> yes, defo
[08:58]<larissa> what's realistic
[08:58]<larissa> considering they're not really going to look at it anyway
[08:58]<robin> thursday

[09:01]<larissa> doneski
[09:02]<robin> yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh
[09:02]<robin> stop it
[09:02]<larissa> noski
[09:02]<robin> my ears are bleeding
[09:02]<larissa> goodski
[09:02]<robin> or eyes
[09:02]<robin> seeing as you wrote it
[09:02]<larissa> thank you captain obviouski
[09:02]<robin> i am littering em dashes throughout the site*
[09:03]<larissa> noooooooooooooooooooo-ski
[09:03]<robin> it's two late
[09:03]<larissa> literally lol
[09:03]<larissa> ski
[09:04]<robin> you're hurting me

[09:06]<larissa> I'm totally going to blogski this.


*I have a strict en-dashes-only rule when it comes to the website


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