Sometimes you just gotta lay the smack down

[Marching up and interrupting a conversation my office nemesis* started with my boss’s colleague about an issue that falls entirely under my remit (and most certainly not under the remit of my boss’s colleague)]

“I’m sorry, but why am I not part of this conversation?”

“Oh, um…”


[Talking about an en dash I inserted]

“There isn’t supposed to be a hyphen.”

“For consistency’s sake, an en dash was necessary, so I inserted it.”

“But it’s not being used in any of the other marketing materials.”

“I’ll need to see some of these marketing materials.”

“This has been passed down from above. You can trust it.”

“No, I can’t.”

“No, really, the name of the product doesn’t have a dash anywhere else.”

“Show me some marketing materials without the en dash… And I’ll happily consider your request.”

Post-5pm, after I came in at 8:30am and worked through much of my lunch break, after my ability to employ capitalisation and punctuation conventions had already been questioned earlier by someone who most certainly had no business questioning it**, and after scrambling to do my best to manage all ongoing changes to the website while simultaneously briefing a contract sub-editor and trying vainly to organise someone else’s unwieldy project in preparation for this contract sub-editor to start work in addition to trying to fit in obligatory content reviews for an upcoming audit –

Well –

I just don’t have a lot of time for your bullshit.

*I used to think this person just was difficult to work with. But I’ve come to realise it’s just that this person is an awful human being. My mild professional dislike has escalated somewhat.

**as evidenced by her prefacing her statement with “I’m not a master of grammar or punctuation, but…”


One comment

  1. renegadebadger · June 21, 2011

    I think Pat Benatar said it best” “Love is a battlefield”. Or, in your case, the office is a battlefield.

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