Shad Thames

So on 9 April I said regarding moving flat,

I’m keen on SE1. If I can find a reasonably priced flat in ‘Boss House’ on ‘Boss Street’, then I’m totally moving to Shad Thames.

And now here I am. Living in a flat in Boss House on Boss Street in Shad Thames. The definition of ‘reasonable’ is up for interpretation.

I’ve been in the flat for a week, and – while there are some kinks still left to work out* – I am quite pleased with my new home. Not only is the flat great but the building and concierge are great and Shad Thames, itself, is great. I had some reservations about living in Shad Thames initially, thinking I’d be more suited for the more boho spirit of the Bermondsey Street area. But, having spent time now in both places, I have to say I prefer Shad Thames. Sure, I don’t shop at Reiss and wear loafers (a seeming requisite of the upper middle classes), but I like nice things. I like stepping outside my flat and being surrounded by other people who like nice things. Oh, and I like being so damned close to the river and Tower Bridge. And I like my exposed brick and my enormous warehouse windows.

I bought a bicycle yesterday from a really great bicycle shop in Peckham (definitely not Shad Thames, Peckham). It was only £170 for an aluminium framed step-through hybrid bike with mud guards, a pannier and a bell. And I’ve parked it down in the basement garage. I’m going to start cycling places since I’m so central and there’s the possibility of saving nearly £120 a month in travel costs. Just one more benefit of living just south of Tower Bridge. I rode the bicycle home from Peckham, which took me on the busy Old Kent Road. And, even though I hadn’t ridden a bike since 2005, it came back to me rather easily, and it wasn’t nearly as scary as I imagined it being – riding on the London roads. Granted, it was a Saturday afternoon. We’ll see how I feel about cycling when I’m doing it in the pissing rain in November, battling all the cantankerous cab drivers…

Still, feeling pretty smug…


* need to get a second set of keys cut, need to get a key to the basement garage, need to get two sets of blinds fixed, need to get the refrigerator looked at, need to get the pilot on 2 hobs in the kitchen fixed


One comment

  1. Jen · December 28, 2011

    Have you been to pub quiz at the Angel – it’s just down the road along Bermondsey Wall. I highly recommend it and welcome to the neighbourhood!

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