San Francisco in London

I’m loving living in Bermondsey.

This Saturday, stopping off at Maltby Street Market with my new bicycle (before heading off to Peckham to get it serviced – I wouldn’t have ridden it normally since the market is only 3 minutes away from my flat by foot…), made me realise why. Bermondsey, particularly the grass-roots Maltby Street Market, is like a little slice of San Francisco in London. Independent businesses have popped up shop in a (perhaps affectedly) haphazard way under the railway arches, selling their wares to lazy Saturday punters.

Picking up a piccolo from Monmouth, stopping off at Bea’s of Bloomsbury for some cake, enjoying the laid-back vibe with other in-the-know Londoners, I was struck by how much Bermondsey felt like Hayes Valley.

I love San Francisco. I love London.

It’s positively lovely here south of Tower Bridge.

As for cycling in London – I can’t believe I didn’t start sooner. It’s amazing. No transport costs. No late buses. No sweaty Tube. No delayed Jubilee line. Travel times nearly cut in half. Sure, I haven’t ridden in the rain yet, and the weather has been particularly beautiful for the last week that I’ve been the proud owner of a bicycle. But the fact that I don’t have to deal with buses, Tubes, sweat and other people makes me think I’ll be an all-weather cyclist for good.

Now all I need to do is learn to ride a fixie up some steep hills, and it really will be like San Francisco in London.


PS, I don’t own a fixie.


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