It’s a Violent Femmes kind of night

All day today it felt like Friday in the office. But it was Wednesday. Why was it Wednesday?

Two more days in the office and then I’m off for a week in the Essex countryside for Christmas. I’ve been feeling run down lately, so I was really looking forward to all this down time. But already I can tell that I’m going to get a bit restless. I’m never good at just sitting around doing nothing.

Plus, ongoing hip problems are ongoing. My GP is giving me the runaround. Even though I’ve been seeing an osteo for over half a year and have been told that I have SI joint dysfunction/hypermobile joints/a shortened right hip flexor, my GP wants me to go see his osteo to get a ‘definitive diagnosis’. Whatever. Next available appointment is in the new year. I love the NHS and all. But, man, do I hate the NHS.

Not cycling and taking a break from ashtanga – as everyone and their Great Aunt Mary advised me to do – has in fact left me in worse stead, so I’m back on the bike and back to waking up at 6am for a cold, dark start in the yoga studio before the rest of the world is even out of bed. Sometimes as I’m peddling up over Tower Bridge before dawn in the freezing winter rain with a white van man up my ass, I can see why outsiders might think I’m a bit of a psychopath for signing myself up for this willingly.

But it eases the tension, I swear. Just imagine what I’d be like without it. Yeah, yikes.

For fuck’s sake, why is it Wednesday.

Violent Femmes – Add It Up


One comment

  1. Anonymous Barclays copywriter · December 21, 2011

    Let’s get on the sauce proper tomorrow lunchtime. I’m fucked if I’m waiting for Friday.

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