Worklife wrap-up

It’s my last day in the office in 2011. I’m sitting here listening to Madonna’s Greatest Hits over my headphones as loud as possible in an attempt to block out Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You – which is currently being projected over someone’s computer speakers (because, well, who could possibly object to that…).

So I’m sitting here, feet up on the desk, rocking out to Madge, reviewing some last-minute changes to the website begrudgingly (someone didn’t get the memo that you’re not actually supposed to work the last day in the office before Christmas), and reflecting on the highs and lows of the working year.

Things I learned in 2011:

  • Most people are assholes.
  • People who aren’t assholes are pretty fucking awesome.
  • My teetotalling colleagues love drunk Larissa.
  • Drunk Larissa loves even the assholes.

[Note: the people above are not assholes. Other than the one in the middle. She’s sometimes an asshole.]

And with that, desk-maneki-neko and I say goodbye to 2011 and beckon 2012. Here’s to learning to love the assholes a little more – while sober – in the year to come. And to getting. shit. done.


One comment

  1. Betsy · December 23, 2011

    That looks like a palm tree at the top of the picture. Are you actually living in Miami and just fooling us?

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