I’m almost 29

(Alternatively titled: An early retrospective of my 20s)

This was me when I was 22 or so…


I remember someone telling me when I was quite young that she started really enjoying her life when she reached 30. My 10-year-old self couldn’t fathom this. 30-year-olds were married with 3 children, like my own mother was at the time. But when I reflect on just some of the things that have happened in my 20s, as I approach the winter of my youth, I’m beginning to understand.

In the last 9 years of my 20s, I have:

– taken out 9 body piercings
– gained 20 pounds (ie beat anorexia entirely)
– Got a second tattoo so I never forget how fucked up anorexia is
– stopped wearing so much goddamned makeup
– chopped off nearly 2 feet of hair
– went from black to platinum blond; settled on my natural colour
– grew back about 7 inches of hair
– got 2 university degrees
– naively took on an obscene amount of student loan debt
– emigrated and gained settled status in the UK (got married too, obvs)
– built a small but marvellous friend base from scratch in a city that many consider isolating
– embraced being an American/realised my patriotism in another country
– started drinking and loving proper beer
– understood that feminism isn’t about activism – it’s merely a way of life
– got a UK driver’s licence (fucking hard)
– advanced to practicing the full ashtanga primary series
– lost my yoga practice due to injury, and have worked every day since to get it back
– started eating meat again
– become a hardened, all-weather London cyclist
– realised high heels are ridiculous, and stopped wearing them generally
– embraced the size of my bum
– trained myself to do pull ups
– stopped trying to impress people
– become content with who I am

I’m ready for 29, and my 30s beyond it – come what may.




  1. Ria · February 25, 2013

    i just came across your blog and I’m really liking it. You seem like such a fun person and I especially love the Alan conversations – keep ’em coming! ^_^

  2. istealyourcat · May 8, 2013

    You need to blog more. Or write a book.

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