Teh Grammerz

Him: “That guy is a lunatic.”
Me: “Why?”
Him: “Because he’s crazy.”
Me: “Thanks for begging the question there.”

. . . . .

Me: “Did you like my correct usage of ‘begging the question’?”
Him: “Yeah.”
Me: “It saddens me that ‘begging the question’ doesn’t really mean ‘begging the question’ anymore.”
Him: “It saddens me that that saddens you.”


Online Slang du Jour

So, I’ve always had this thing about ‘definitely’.  I really hate when people misspell ‘definitely’.  Therefore, I’ve always been conscious of using the word ‘definitely’ online whenever possible, hoping to get people to retain its correct spelling by osmosis.  Or something.

But recently I’ve found myself drawn to use ‘deffo’ in place of ‘definitely’.  I have no idea why.  I can’t say I’ve seen it anywhere online.  Or heard anyone actually use it.  I find myself drawn to use it for hilarity’s sake, mostly.  Although I doubt many people would get the joke.

While investigating the origins of ‘deffo’ online (i.e., Googling ‘deffo’), I came across some more hilarious slang words for ‘definitely’, which I’m going to start using.  Effective now.


A: ‘Did you see that Mexican chicken on the roof?’

B: ‘Fo deffs.’




A: ‘Did that cat just throw up on my couch?’

B: ‘Deffo McDefferson.’