I’ve been having a series of not-so inspiring dinners of late.  Or, I’ve been having really delicious dinners but have accidentally eaten them all before realising I’ve taken no pictures.  I made beanballs from Veganomicon the other day and put them in a spicy Asian-y sauce over brown rice, which was pretty good.  And then Red and I had Molly and Phil over for dinner on Tuesday night for our very first ‘dinner party’ in our new flat.  I made spaghetti and beanballs with a grilled courgette and corn salad with a coriander vinaigrette.  This meal was generally a success.  Although I did make some garlic bread that turned out more like garlic croutons because I was busy running my gob rather than checking on the bread baking in the oven.  Oops.

Anyway, so I didn’t take pictures of any of that, but the beanballs were a great success so I will doubtlessly be making them again in the future.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen yesterday only to emerge with a so-so dinner.  Definitely nothing to blog about as of yet.  The night before, temperatures reached 30C during the day so I was in no mood to slave over a gas hob for any extended period of time.  This meant I pulled out a tried-and-tested childhood recipe: Goop, so named because of the goop-ey sound it makes when you stir all the ingredients together.  I think it was created in my grandmother’s kitchen, and it was a staple for my mother’s kitchen; it originally called for cooked beef mince. My version isn’t the most nutritionally sound, as it involves the original can of condensed tomato soup and a healthy squirt of ketchup, but at least it’s low fat after I’ve made my vegetarian mince substitution, right?  In any event, it’s absolutely simple and delicious.

Red loves Goop night.



  • 170g dried egg noodles (Italian style, not Chinese)
  • 3/4ths of a tin of condensed tomato soup (In America, get the Campbells. In England, you can only get Cream of Tomato soup, usually at Waitrose.  This is fine.  Just don’t get the Cream of Tomato soup with basil. That would be weird)
  • 150g frozen vegetarian mince crumbles
  • A long squirt of tomato ketchup (3 seconds, maybe)

Step One Cook the egg noodles to package instructions (boiled in water for ten minutes, usually). Drain and set aside momentarily.

Step Two In the same pot (once water is discarded), pour your frozen veggie mince in with your condensed tomato soup.  Stir around to combine and warm up over medium heat on the hob for about a minute.  The mixture will be big and globby at this point.

Step Three Dump your cooked egg noodles into the pot.  Squirt your ketchup over them.  Mix everything together with a big spoon.  Goop, goop, goop.  Continue stirring over medium heat until everything is heated through.  Don’t let the mixture burn on the bottom.

Serve in bowls! Eat on the couch while watching The Dog Whisperer.

Yields 2 servings



If the feeds on my Google Reader are any indicator, I’ve become obsessed with vegan cooking and baking.


Also, I’ve begun to notice that I’m a pretty damn good cook.  At least, my cooking intuition is definitely much better than it once was.  Yesterday I peered into our mini fridge and thought, ‘What on earth am I going to cook?’  Not much was there.  I didn’t feel I could be bothered to go downstairs to the Waitrose or Tesco Express down the street.  I looked again.  Contemplated.  


I had some kimchi sitting at the back that I had bought fresh a couple weeks ago.  Certainly it should be nice and fermented by this point.  I had some Quorn ‘chicken’ pieces.  I had some spring onions.  I had half an onion wrapped in cling film.  I had four new potatoes starting to grow roots in the pantry.  Kimchi Stew, it was.  I threw some garlic, ginger and half the onion in a pot along with some sesame oil.  Then I threw in the kimchi, Quorn and potatoes and covered with water.  I walked away but then thought I’d chuck some chilies in for good measure.  


I sent Red a text message that warned him dinner for the evening could either be fabulous or rancid, an email, upon reflection, I tend to send him a lot of the time.


Needless to say, it was of the former variety.  So much so that after I went out last night I came home to eat some of the leftovers.  


I find myself in the same predicament now.  I got home from doing productive stuff (i.e., school stuff) earlier but didn’t stop off at the grocery store on my way home, because I was feeling uninspired.  I have no more produce of which to speak in the pantry.  Not even a lone New Potato.  I must go to the store.  


I think I might start photo documenting some of my culinary endeavours here.  I mean, to return to the original thought of this post, I find myself voyeuristically reading with relish vegetarian cooking blogs out on the interwebs.  I might as well pepper my own blog with the same sort of shit I love reading on other people’s blogs.  It would probably also get me even more excited about cooking.  As if I needed a reason.


I’m just so goddamned domestic.