If you’re not interested in hearing about female bodily functions, you should stop reading here.  (That’s you, Bobba.)


Seriously, how is every woman in the world not using one of these?

This is the second month now that I’ve been using my mooncup, and I love it.  It goes right up there on the list of things that I would never want to live without from now on.  Except when I start going through menopause, then I guess it doesn’t really matter.

But, yeah.  

This thing is the following

1. Way more economical

2. Way more environmentally friendly.  Like, a billion times more.

3. Way more comfortable.

4. Way more convenient. (And I mean WAY, not only can you leave it in for 8, 10, 12 hours without worries, you can put it in before you even start bleeding so as to not go through that lame toilet-tango during the final hours on the doomsday clock, running off to see if it’s started yet.)

5. Way better for your vaj health.

6. Way better for your underwear drawer.


For those women who are skeeved out at the idea of having to get down and dirty with their vaj)-es at the time of the month when it is most (anecdotally of course) dirty, I say, stop being such a wuss and get over it.  What is your problem?  

Because once you’ve got over it, you’ll realise how wonderfully awesome and liberating a mooncup is.  On your lifestyle and your wallet.


(Also, if you are a woman and this post encourages you to finally buy a mooncup — and I do hope it does because mooncups are fucking badass — don’t follow the directions in the instructional booklet about ‘only cutting off as little from the hangy-offy bit at the end as necessary’.  Just cut that whole bad boy off from the word go.  Because, yes, it will be uncomfortable if you leave it on.  And, no, the mooncup will not suddenly get lost in your vaj.)



Seeing my urine turn fluorescent green is the sole reason I continue to take a multivitamin.  Because, obviously, vitamins aren’t helping me to combat sickness.